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TRS Prosthetics

Certified Cosmetologist and Hair Loss Practitioner with specialized training for medical prosthesis.
File an Insurance Claim for a Medical Lace Wig/Cranial Prosthesis

Use Your Insurance Benefits to Purchase a Medical Lace Wig Today! 
You have THREE Ways/Options to get a Medical Lace Wig

Use Your Insurance Benefits to Purchase A Medical Wig on our Website

1.  File an Insurance Claim - Use your Medical Insurance Coverage to purchase a Cranial Prosthesis from TRS Prosthetics. If you have a medical insurance plan, you should be covered to receive a medical wig for hair loss.


2. Flexible Spending Account - Use your FSA or HSA Benefits to purchase a Cranial Prosthesis from TRS Prosthetics. We are able to accept all types of HSA and Flexible Spending Accounts towards the purchase of your Medical Cranial Prosthesis.

 3. National Alopecia Foundation - Grant Program for Financial Disadvantaged Women to Receive $500 towards the purchase a Medical Wig from TRS Prosthetics


We receive daily, dozens of requests from women and concerned family members on how they can use their insurance benefits to purchase a wig. Many have tried to contact the insurance companies on their own or used an inexperienced company whom was unable or not fully knowledgeable as to how the process works. TRS Prosthetics has trained insurance coordinators whom specialize in making sure that you meet the eligibility and medical guidelines so that you will know on the same day if your request to receive a cranial prosthesis medical wig will be denied or approved. We have 3 main ways that we can help assist you in receiving a medical wig cranial prosthesis.


Option 1- Insurance Claim

If you currently have an active insurance policy with Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, ChampVa, Cigna, Humana, TriCare, or United Health Care and you have medical related hair loss, you may qualify to receive a medical wig with little to no out of pocket costs. When you call in, we will ask about your hair loss and info about your insurance provider. We will contact your insurance provider to verify eligibility to receive a medical wig cranial prosthesis and let you know what your estimated out of pocket costs will be if any. There are some insurance companies that cover the costs of medical wigs at 100% leaving patients with no out of pocket responsibility. We work with many smaller insurance companies, employer insurance companies, and state insurance companies. 


Option 2 - Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account -

We are able to accept all health credit cards including: flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, health reimbursement accounts, and wage works. You can use your flexible spending accounts to purchase a medical wig cranial prosthesis when you are experiencing medically related hair loss.


Option 3 - Grant Program - National Alopecia Areata Foundation - Receive $500 to Purchase Wig

For individuals whom have been affected by Alopecia Areata, the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, will provide a grant up to $500 to purchase a wig. The program, " The Ascot Fund" is for individuals whom are either financially disadvantaged, not insured, under-insured ( no coverage for wig ) , or unemployed. We refer individuals to apply for this program when they have no other option to get a wig and are in need of financial assistance. For more details on how to get an application to apply, and see if you meet the guidelines to get a grant from the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, you can email us at

Upon contacting us, we will verify your benefits and let you know exactly what benefits are offered and covered by your insurance plan for a medical cranial prosthesis. 

The price of a good, quality well made cranial prosthesis can be expensive. It is important that you work with a company that is familiar with the insurance process and able to process your insurance claim in a timely and professional matter.



To ensure the claims process is as smooth as possible
please do the following:


1) Call us and we can verify if we can accept your insurance.

2) First, check the ‘Benefit Booklet’ given you by your insurance carrier. This lists in detail all of the covered expenses under your particular plan. Look for the section under ‘Covered Expenses’ relating to ‘prosthesis’ or ‘prosthetic devices.’ Or you can contact your insurance carrier to ask about coverage for to ‘prosthesis’ or ‘prosthetic devices’.

2) Obtain a written "PRESCRIPTION" for "CRANIAL HAIR PROSTHESIS" from your doctor/treating physician. On this prescription, have your doctor to include your specific diagnosis. (For Example: If you have been diagnosed with Alopecia, there are different types. Have your doctor to be very detailed and to include the exact strand/type of medical condition that has caused your hair loss.

3) Also, request a separate detailed letter from your doctor explaining the extent of your hair loss and the mental distress you have experienced due to your medical treatment (the effects on your daily life). A brief letter from a psychiatrist or psychologist may also be beneficial, if available. 

4) Take pictures of your hair WITHOUT a wig on. This will immediately show that your claim is not for cosmetic purposes. 

5) Write a personal letter of your own explaining/outlining the effects that hair loss has had on your daily life. Detail the emotional effects that your condition or your medical treatment has had on your life. Discuss the financial aspects of frequent wig purchases. Advise that a cranial prosthesis is just as medically necessary as a prosthetic limb or breast: it replaces a missing body part hair. Explain the benefits of purchasing this type of prostheses (it is made to order, perfect fit, more natural, etc.). Explain that although the initial cost of a custom prostheses is higher, it will also last several years, thereby being a cost-effective item.

 6) You will provide all the above to our company. We will then contact you so that we may submit your claim to your insurance provider. 

7) We will ensure that the process will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

8) We are very familiar with this process and we want to get your medical wig to you as soon as possible. We will submit your claim correctly the first time to ensure there are no mistakes from the start.


We will process the claim on your behalf. Therefore, we do all the paper work. We will call you within 24 hours.

Thanks! Message sen

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